Who We Are

Whittlesea Music School is a vibrant, professional and engaging music school offering private instrumental tuition to students of all ages and abilities. Established in 2006, Whittlesea Music has provided quality musical education with a team of young, professional teachers for over 12 years. We pride ourselves in ensuring our students gain a passion and enthusiasm for music, and an appreciation and understanding of musical theory and techniques in a range of styles.

Whittlesea Music offers tuition in: acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, piano/keyboard, drum kit, vocals, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, viola, cello, double bass, trombone, tuba, euphonium and flugel horn.

We teach students from the communities of Whittlesea, Mernda, Doreen, Greensborough, Diamond Creek, Hurstbridge, Wallan, South Morang, Kinglake West and beyond.

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The Team

Damian Marshall


Erin Marshall

Assistant Director

Elise Clark-Pearman


“Music for me is the essence of everything that I am, it is what has supported me through many aspects of my life thus is far. From my experience as a teacher over the years I have seen profound changes in children as well as adults. It has the power to expand us emotionally, mentally as well as intellectually allowing us to become the very best version of ourselves. Teaching to me is more than just the music itself, its giving the students the key to creativity and self-expression through the understanding of music from a theory point of view as well as practical.

I believe Whittlesea Music holds the key values that are essential for our students to improve, and be inspired. It is a privilege to manage a school that I believe in”

Danielle Moore

Accounts Manager

Aaron Clark-Pearman


“Teaching for me is passing on knowledge, and watching the students grow as a musician. I get great satisfaction in helping the students develop, whilst ensuring they have fun throughout the learning process.”

Aaron Schembri


“I enjoy seeing students of all ages progress and enjoy themselves whilst learning their instrument.”

Alara Nuhoglu


“I have always loved music. Playing wind instruments has been a passion of mine since early primary school years. It has helped me make lifelong friends and has allowed me to share my music knowledge and experiences around the world. I love teaching music because it allows me to share my passion and knowledge with students, and I love to see them grow in confidence and ability as they learn and flourish.”

Thomas Potter


Joshua Verco


“Teaching instrumental music is a way to pass down and share the experience, passion and creativity that I have cultivated over years of study and performance. I always hope to empower my students with the skills and enthusiasm to become independent learners and role models, as they will become the next generation of teachers and performers.”

Kahli Kourlinis


“Music is my passion, love and most of all; it is what makes me who I am. Music is a platform that enables me to express myself. It has been there through thick and thin, especially helping in times of distress. Writing and performing is where I feel I can be truly myself, as I get completely engrossed in that moment, I feel sincerely happy and free, allowing my confidence to shine through. As well as performing and writing, teaching gives me incredible excitement because I can share my love and passion with others. Honestly, seeing a student of yours singing/playing music with such love, passion and joy, is one of the best feelings in the world. That’s when you know you are doing something right.”

Lachlan Riggs


“My love for music makes teaching such a passion of mine. I’ve grown up with a musical background where I’ve always enjoyed listening, learning and playing music. For me, teaching the drums is not just about giving students notes to read on a page, but instead giving them a place to express themselves, enjoy themselves and grow on the drum kit while guiding them in the right direction musically. One of the greatest feelings is seeing a student improve and finally overcome something that has seemed impossible to them.”

Matthew Stott


“Music is a wonderful creative art form.  I am passionate about teaching music because students can become inspired and excited about learning.  Through the experience of learning music, students can develop instrumental expertise while enhancing other cognitive areas, such as problem solving, maths, awareness and imagination.  It is amazing to witness the progression of students who embrace challenges and reach musical goals they never thought possible, and sharing their music with others through performance is very special indeed.”

Natalie Moran


“Listening to and playing music is a highly rewarding activity. As a music teacher, my goal is to pass on the joy that music brings to people’s day to day lives. I have experienced this joy countless times myself and it is why I love to teach. I seek to inspire the children so that they become enthusiastic about all that music entails. It is a privilege for me to see them learn and grow and progress, so they can share this joy with those around them. Whether a student plays piano, or sings, or plays the violin, it always brings delight to those who listen; it is a gift to others.”

Nicholas Heyward


“I became a music teacher due to my love and passion for the industry and to have the ability to teach everything I have learnt to my students in the best way possible. Music is my passion and to pass on my knowledge feels incredible. I love helping the students gain an appreciation for the music industry, and music as a whole. I love watching their creativity flourish.”

Penelope Somerville


“I enjoy being a music teacher because I have a great love for a wide variety of music and enjoy encouraging students’ musical appreciation while seeing their progress develop.”

Robyn Naylor


“I teach music to give students the opportunity to explore music and it’s creativity. Music has been a part of my life which has let me express myself with no limitations. I truly enjoy sharing my passion of music with students. As you are forever learning, I hope by teaching I can inspire and show students you can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

Samuel Bliss


“I love teaching and sharing music with my students because I understand how beneficial it can be to their learning and confidence. It is a joy to see a student love their playing and begin to make progress as a musician and performer. Skills learnt in musicianship are useful in all facets of life; from the classroom, jamming with friends to life-long careers in music.”

Sarah MacDonald


“Music has been a major part of my life for over 25 years and teaching has become my main objective over this time. My experience includes working with special needs children, theory and conducting. My aim is to offer our students a positive and interactive introduction to music which will be the foundation to an enjoyable music experience.

Yara Alkurd


“Music for me is a wonderful place of self expression, release and therapy. It’s such an important tool, as It does wonders for both your mind and heart. I’m so lucky to have been given the opportunity to pass this tool onto a generation of bright little people, helping their brains develop and letting them find their way of expressing themselves through the power of music. Music is the best way I know of making the world a better place!”